About Us
                                             WHAT WE ARE ABOUT

We are a non-profit 501c3 organization covering Central & Southern Ohio that provides amputees and their families a place to come for support, education & recreational activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. We welcome all amputees, family, caregivers, friends, students and any community members wanting to learn more about their local amputee community.  From monthly support meetings, peer visits and activities, to public speaking engagements at schools, churches, and civic groups.  Amps4ohio is there to meet the needs of the limb loss community.

                                                                          OUR BOARD OF DIRECTORS

  • Juanita Mengel
         Founder, President , Group Leader
         Certified Peer Visitor​​ (CPV)
         Amputee Coalition CPV Trainer 

     *  Ray Blankenship 
           Vice President & Acting Treasurer
           Certified Peer Visitor (CPV)

  • (position open)

  •  Mike Rayo
​           Treasurer 
           (position open)

                                                             STRENGTH THROUGH SUPPORT

Amps4ohio strives to be there through all phases of limb loss for those in need.  From Certified PEER visits in the hospital (before or after amputation) from our nationally accredited & trained volunteers, to ongoing monthly support meetings.  We are dedicated to supporting all amputees and their support network.  Our objective is to provide hope and help them realize that they are not alone

                                                         AWARENESS THROUGH EDUCATION

We work in partnership with the Amputee Coalition, the national organization for amputees, and our own state and local network of volunteer amputees and professionals to help educate new and experienced amputees alike.

 Losing a limb is overwhelming and most people have more questions than answers. That is where we come in. We are not just for amputees but the entire community at large as we bring limb loss awareness to our community neighbors.

                                                  REBUILDING HOPE THROUGH RECREATION

We believe that life does not end with limb loss, instead its a beginning of a new journey. Part of providing hope to amputees is in rebuilding their confidence and self-worth. Amps4ohio offers opportunities for year-round adaptive sports and recreational activities to bring a sense of normalcy and belonging back to the amputee.

These events include water-skiing, kayaking, cycling, swimming, sailing, 5K run/roll/walk, bowling and more! We also host monthly dinners, card games, shooting range times, Yoga and various other social events recurring monthly and through the year. 



 Juanita Mengel,

                         What is a Certified PEER Visitor?

A PEER Visitor is a Nationally Certified amputee limb loss counselor who takes a course and becomes certified through the Amputee Coalition which is the national organization dedicated to supporting limb loss in the United States. Certified PEER Visitors have experienced limb loss themselves and understand the physical and emotional ramifications of experiencing amputation and living with limb loss.

PEER Visitors.......

  •  Visit in person, over the phone or online.

  •  Visit with family members or other loved ones.

  • Meet with parents who are expecting a child with limb difference.

  • Answer a range of questions about the recovery process, prosthetic tips, use of assistive devices and the concerns of daily living.

  •  Provide emotional support, including an understanding of the grieving process.

  •  Share information and resources, printed materials and videos.

  •  Provide a list of community resources and activities that can assist the amputee and their  family to​           live with limb loss.

Our Participation Includes:

We participate Locally, State and Nationally to bring limb loss awareness.  Several Amps4ohio members are very active within the community and volunteer with agencies that help bring limb loss awareness to the communities.

Amps4ohio participates in the following Table Set-Ups for limb loss awareness at:

  • Veterans Appreciation Days

  • Freedoms Never Free Event

  •  Health Fairs

  • AAOP Conferences

  • Adaptive Sports Symposiums

  • TAASC Open House & Adaptive Expo

  • Justice Health & Wellness Fair

  • Health & Fitness Expo

  • Limb Loss Education Day

  • ADA Celebration 
  • Amputee Coaltion National Conference 
  • Annual "Ohio Amputee Celebration" hosted by Amps4ohio Inc

What is a Certified PEER Visitor?

                              We Also Attend:

  •  OPAF First Clinics for Amputees

  • Amputee National Conventions

  • Speaking Engagements for Schools, Clubs, Churches & Community Events

  • Parks & Rec Events

  • Adaptive Sports Connection Events

  • Adaptive Sporting Events

  • ASPO Events

  • EMRI Events