What is a Certified Peer Visitor (CPV)?
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                                                       A PEER Visitor is a Nationally Certified amputee limb loss counselor who takes the 8 hour Certified PEER Visitor
                                                       course and becomes certified through the Amputee Coalition which is a national organization dedicated
                                                       to supporting limb loss in the United States. Certified PEER Visitors have experienced limb loss themselves
                                                       and understand the physical and emotional ramifications of experiencing amputation and living with limb loss.

                                                       If you, a loved one, or friend needs a PEER visit from another amputee, we can meet with you before
                                                       your amputation or during your recovery in the hospital , a rehabilitation center or alternate location.
                                                       Please contact us at 740-777-8180 to schedule your visit.
                                                       Juanita Mengel is a Certified Trainer for the  Peer Visitor course through the Amputee Coaliton. If you are an
                                                       amputee and are interested in becoming a Certified PEER Visitor please contact Juanita at 928-502-1908 for
                                                       details on qualifications and an application​ to take the 8 hour course. This course is given in a classroom setting.

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August 24, 2019  in Columbus, OH

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     Please meet a just a few of our Amputee Coalition Certified Peer Visitors! 
  1. Juanita Mengel
    Juanita Mengel
    Juanita is the Founder and President of Amps4ohio. She is also a Certified PEER Visitor & Certified PEER Trainer through the Amputee Coalition. She has an Above the Knee Amputation since 2006 due to a motor vehicle accident in 1990.
  2. Laura Krietemeyer
    Laura is a Certified PEER Visitor through the Amputee Coalition. She also has a Hemipelvectomy (HP) Amputee since 2005.
  3. Treasurer / Certified PEER Visitor
    Grant Lewis
    Grant is a Certified PEER Visitor through the Amputee Coalition. He has an Above the Knee (AK) Amputation since 2012 after multiple knee replacements and Osteogenic Sarcoma.
  4. Title
    Larry Corley
    Larry is a Certified PEER Visitor and Certified PEER Counselor through the Veterans Administration and the Amputee Coalition. He is also a Below the Knee (BK) Amputee since 1999 due to an injury sustained in the military in 1992.